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Why should you let a professional take care of your website?

If you can honestly answer yes to the questions below please leave this website and start your own agency! If not … Continue reading further down the page.

✔️ Do you have knowledge in communication, design and color?
✔️ Do you have the time to look for solutions online?
✔️ Do you have time to learn software and / or how to code a website?
✔️ Have you found a program that will handle all the features you want on your page?
✔️ Do you know about GDPR and the laws and what is required for your website?

If you have answered YES on the questions above, there’s nothing that can stop you from doing this ourself. If not, then you came to the right place!


As a entrepreneur, I know that the website is extremely important. I searched for a long time before I found Linda at LiKaMedia. She gave me professional help during the creation of my website. Thoughts and suggestions were rolled back and forth and the result was amazing. Can only recommend Linda at LiKaMedia. Website: www.DinTid.org

Madeleine Leiding


LiKaMedia delivered exactly what I wanted. With different ideas she created both website, logo and a upcoming app.

Helena Hellström

VD, Glädjespridare

Linda at LiKaMedia understood what I needed and created a website that matched my business. I highly recommend Linda at LiKaMedia.

Stina Pettersson

VD, Familjeträdet



User-friendly, mobile and EU-adapted website

What is mobile/responsive website?

Today most of us use the mobile or the iPad when we go online. Having a mobile-adapted website will helps you with Google’s ranking (SEO). But most importantly, it is user friendly for your visitors.

A mobile/responsive website is customized according to the size of the screen. Some texts and images and even features perform better via the computer screen than via the mobile phone. Here I create a version that will help the user to navigate smoothly, which will make them stay longer.

Is the website available to everyone?

User-friendly websites ensure that everyone can take part of the content on the page, whether you are disabled, blind, deaf or older. These users often use a resource that reads the content of a website or prints it in Braille.

When I build your website, I enter so-called alt attributes on each image. The Alt attribute describes what the image represents. This is what the screen readers search for. This also helps you with the SEO and to be seen on Google.

Are you waiting for a page that is loading and loading and loading…?

Imagine yourself entering a website. How frustrating is it when a page keep loading and loading? If it was me, I would move on to the next site. And it is very common that your users leave your website just because of this.

The charging time of your website is depending on several factors. It’s all about how your page is built up, which web host you have and how big your pictures are. It’s important that pictures, videos and other heavy files are compressed so that they are loading as quickly as possible. If they do not, there is a high risk of losing a potential customer.

Where did I end up now!?

The ultimate website does not have any broken links. Sometimes, however, it happens. Then it is important not to drop the visitor by encountering a “Error” page, so-called 404 page.

The 404 page is the page you end up on if you try to get to a page that is no longer available. Instead of the user getting a “Error page”, you should help the user by suggesting how to proceed to find what they are looking for.




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